This project is a Psychogeography look at the world in which Sherlock challenged local legends of hell hounds, escaped prisoners and the marshes of Dartmoor.

Here is a > PDF  < of the book I hope you like. This version is web friendly please share with friends.

second review

 It was brilliant and had me falling about laughing from cover to cover. Thank you for giving me a copy. It is very much appreciated!
The opening sentence to Chapter 1 was verging on poetic and sets the tone perfectly for the rest of the book. The pictures are spot on and the wry tongue-in-cheek captions just right. 
I will not pull you up for some poetic license in reference to another kind hound towards the end (prairie dogs are I think some kind of rodent!).

 So congratulations and well done. A masterpiece.


It was a warm humid night. As I Laurence Von Dexter Ludwig Dyer tossed and turned in bed I searching for the ever elusive deep, magical land known as sleep. Eventually I gave up my quest and decided to read a new book. I had a thirst for something classical, modern, short and edgy. A hard combination to find in this day and age. And thus I stumbled across a book by an interesting scots man by the name of Jame Claughter. Its black pages beckoned, enticing me with a simple to distinct logo. I opened and scanned the introduction. Expecting a book of photos... What I got was a story. Short, condensed and punchy. Simply but delicately laid out I found the pages easy to read and of a suitable format. I read of a warped mix of past and present. Traditional themes overlaid with modern twists. Talk of e-pipes made me chuckle and talk of watson sometimes reminded me of a man I used to know many moons ago. He went by the name of a Mr Ryan ashley adam.  As the night wore on I found myself ever more engrossed in the text. Wondering, laughing and cursing the antics of the characters. And then just as I was hoping it would never end... It did. I closed the books and took off my spectacles. And the moon was far into its nocturnal journey. The book had achieved its goal I was tired and very happy with what I had read. Although that might have had something to do with the 6 cans of lord carlsburgs special brew that I had consumed whilst I studied the text. And thus like all good stories mine came to a forlorn close. Passed out with a delightful book clutched between my hands in amongst a pile of empty beverage containers 


In search of Fairies

A Psychogeographical look at Richmond park involving interviews from believers and a Quest to find the fairies that live in the park. 

Available for purchase below. Please be aware this project is due for a revised and re-worked version. 


51°30'48.2"N 0°05'20.3"W

This project presents the ways in which the boundaries of 51°30’48.2”N 0°05’20.3”W, are marked around its geographical square mile. (Psychogeography project)

This project was produced in the form of a one off are book hand made by James Claugher.