as of the 21st of July, I am a Fulltime freelance Photographer.

I am working on a new Website




EDUCATION: I graduated Roehampton University with a 2:1 Degree with honors in Photography. 

So what makes what I do different from the 1000 photographers in every 5 square miles of London, I have worked with agency signed talent and people with no affiliation to anyone, my photos have been used to advertise Austin Martin and small watch brands, I take on work for people, I Like to get behind the brand experience. I get to know people and the places where I am shooting. 

I write books about traveling and revisit old books to create something a bit different, I am also working on a new magazine project that's looking for people to add to it. 

I can teach and tutor, walking, and Psychogeographical tours are a must if you are looking to learn new tech or ways to take photographs.

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